About Africube


Unlike imported broths marketed on the market that come from an industrial process with more than 50% salt and glutamate, AFRICUBE is 100% natural! It combines pleasure and good eating habits. Its recipe is made from natural raw materials without any chemical or artificial additives being added during the transformation into a finished product.


  1. PRICE

Strategically speaking, we cannot enter the market with a new product that is more expensive than all other competitors. No matter how good and strong our product is, it won't sell. Selling it at a higher price would be an additional disadvantage in the face of already well-established competition. Not to mention that we sell a popular product used by all social strata, including those with extremely low incomes for whom culinary broth still represents the only luxury they can afford. In addition, it will secure the consumer by avoiding possible speculation if demand is high. This policy also aims to ensure that VonCo Inc. distribution can have an attractive margin.



Artificial. It is an inexpensive flavor enhancer. A substance that has no significant flavor and that increases the taste and / or smell of a food product, without changing the taste. By enhancing the taste of the ingredients present in the food, it acts as an exciter on the taste buds and above all, on the brain. For food manufacturers, its use has become a commercial necessity because it makes it possible to make consumers dependent on foods that contain it. Obesity. At first, the MSG disables the switch in our brain that tells us, in normal times, that we have eaten enough. Without this "natural brake" on overconsumption of food, the ingestion of food is likely to exceed what the body needs or requires. This is what and the ensuing overconsumption leads to varying degrees of obesity and overweight. Studies have shown that this additive increases the feeling of hunger by 40%. It stimulates voracity and hunger. Large and/or repeated doses of glutamate can lead to overweight leading to obesity (by artificially increasing the desire to eat) and then diabetes in a sensitive person – especially children. Brain. Glutamate is an excitotoxin, a chemical that excites neurons and can cause their death. Glutamate operates as any drug would on the brain, it acts on neurons, preventing the proper functioning of appetite inhibitory mechanisms. DANGER OF GLUTAMATE: As important as it is, to have a balanced diet for the proper functioning of one's body, consuming African is just as vital for the growth of the local and international economy. Favoring local products and promoting local production means supporting local jobs, reducing transport suffered by food and manufactured products and making each seller or buyer responsible for these values. By consuming locally we benefit from a healthy diet thanks to fresh products, good taste quality and with a well-defined traceability. Short circuits also make it possible to support the economy of a territory, create a real social link between producer and buyer while reducing the ecological impact of goods (eco-citizen consumption model in which taste and origin are in the spotlight). By this act, we affirm our patriotism, we honor and encourage the work of producers which promotes the development of an industrial fabric and the revitalization of the profession Also it is necessary to emphasize that African consumption allows us to know where what we eat comes from and specially to have an assurance on the composition of the product.


  1. LOCAL

AFRICUBE is a concentrate of varied and nutritious ingredients worked in such a way as to preserve all their nutritional and taste qualities. Therapeutic and nutritional virtues of each ingredient:



Antioxidants (compounds that protect the body's cells) An antiemetic effect (the ability to prevent or stop nausea and vomiting) Anti-inflammatory

a. Ginger: Reduces high blood pressure Provided a good source of fiber Strengthens bones

b. Onion: Promotes Digestion Treatment of Vitiligo Antibacterial Treats Cough and Cold Anti-Inflammatory

c. Black Pepper: Treatment of fevers and serves to relieve constipation

d. African nutmeg: its pulp and seed are an important reservoir of micronutrients. Rich in protein, its flour provides all the macronutrients essential for the proper functioning of the body. It is also rich in vitamin C and iron Its effectiveness in the preventive treatment of high blood pressure is proven and documented. It also strengthens the immune defenses.

e. African Locust Bean: Its virtues are recognized to fight against overweight and cholesterol This vegetable protein is also a great alternative to meat

f. Soy: It strengthens our immune system The minerals that make it up help us strengthen our natural defenses to keep our body in top shape It improves digestion by making it faster and easier

g. Salt: It provides vitamin B1, B2, B3 but also vitamin C, calcium, and iron → a good dose of energy!

h. QUALITY The predominance of an artisanal and informal production system and the rapid growth of urban populations in Africa are leading to a desire to improve the quality of food products. Consumer quality uncertainties include Thanks to its rigorous specifications, AFRICUBE breaks these uncertainties by offering a quality product approved by the Ministry of Health, ready for use, packaged according to international hygiene and quality standards and norms related to the nature of the product.

i. THE PACKAGING We offer the consumer a product of improved quality, ready to use, packaged in a practical and attractive packaging AFRICUBE is packaged in powder form in a fresh packaging (allowing the spices to keep all their flavor and authenticity until use) convenient and easy to store.