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Our Product

The first 100% natural pan-African culinary bouillon seasoning, AFRICUBE is a concentrate of rich, nutritious and tasty ingredients that brings flavor and authenticity to your dishes.


Our Identity

Coming from an African agriculture, AFRICUBE is produced for us and by us (as a community, nation). Thanks to our know-how, it reveals in your plates the good taste of home!


    AFRICUBE is made from organic spices of vegetable origin, fragrant, which are used to season dishes. Spices can be derived from bark, flowers, leaves, fruits, bulbs or seeds.


    We offer the consumer an improved quality product, ready to use, packaged in a practical and attractive packaging AFRICUBE is packaged in powder form in a fresh packaging (allowing the spices to keep all their flavor and authenticity until use) convenient and easy to store.


    This service coordinated by customer service and sales representatives aims to respond favorably to customer needs for ease of access to the product.

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Africube - Wholesale Boxes

Authentic and nutritious, AFRICUBE comes from African agriculture. There’s no artificial flavor...